Orthokeratology FAQ

Am I Candidate?

Possibly! There are so many factors to consider when evaluating a candidate, that we don’t know this until you come in for a consultation. We would ask you to have your Optometrist/Ophthalmologist forward your (or your child’s) records to us prior to your consult so that we can review all the information that is relevant to your situation. At this time we would not undertake any prescriptions over -10.00 or people with astigmatism over -3.00.

What should I expect at any consultative visit?

You should expect to discuss the process with your doctor and get the answers to questions that are not on the FAQ pages. The doctor may also take some measurements of your eyes. Additionally, if the doctor thinks that your prescription might be wrong, they may require you to have get a new refraction.

How long does it take?

This varies significantly by each individual, based on a number of factors. A brief list includes; patients prescription, their corneal topography, their intraocular pressure, and their corneal thickness. Most prescriptions under -3.50 will see fairly well within the first week.

What are the potential complications with Ortho-K?

The complication rates in Ortho-K are lower than the complication rates of daily contact lens use, but are the same. Infection, inflammation and abrasion are all possible, but occur at less than 5% rates.

Is it permanent?

No. The prescriptive change that occurs with Ortho-K lasts as long as you continue to wear the retainers at night. When you sleep wearing the retainers, your vision begins to quickly return to its original prescription.

What happens if I decide to stop doing Ortho-K?

Nothing! Really! Your eyes will revert back and you can go back to wearing glasses or contact lenses. There are no permanent changes that occur to your eyes.

Myopia Control

Many studies have shown that Ortho-K significantly slows down myopia progression. In our experience, this happens in almost every case. We have noted that individuals undergoing Ortho-K who have a growth spurt in one year seem to be the only cases that have progressed in our office. For a good summary of research on the subject copy and paste this link http://www.myopiaprevention.org/references_orthokeratology.html into your browser.

What are the fees?

There is no “set fee” for OrthoK, due to every case being different. The minimum cost for the procedure will be $2000, more difficult cases will cost more. This fee will be discussed during your initial consultation.

What is covered in the cost for Ortho-K?

Quite a bit, actually! Topographical images are taken of the cornea. With these images, a custom designed retainer is made for each eye. The lenses are then ordered and a follow up training appointment is made when they arrive. At the second appointment, the doctor will check the fit of the lenses. The patient will be trained at this point on insertion and removal. Once proficient, the patient will be sent home with the lenses and will follow up the next morning, wearing the lenses. If everything is okay the next day, then the next follow up is in a week. Assuming all goes as planned, the schedule of follow up appointments thereafter is as such: 3 weeks (1 month from start), 3 months, 6 months, 1 year. If there is ever an issue that first year, then it is covered, unless there is a loss of the lens or there is something medically wrong with the eye. In that situation, the visit would be billed to your medical insurance.

What happens if my eyes change?

Fortunately, this does not happen all that often, but when it does, the patient will be asked to not wear the lenses for at least a week (sometimes more). At the next visit, if the corneas look stable, new readings will be taken and the same process as done originally will be repeated and lenses with the new Rx will be made. There is slightly reduced cost compared to the original fitting for the procedure.

What about annual eye exams?

This depends on how you started this process. If you were referred to us by another doctor, you would go see them for your annual eye exam, and you would come to visit us for an annual Ortho-K check up. The annual follow up cost is $135.00. We will check your vision, take your topographies to make sure the lenses are doing things properly and perform a deep cleaning on your lenses. If you are a patient of our office, then we would do the exam as well and bill that to your insurance.

Can there be issues with the lenses?

Yes! Almost all lenses build up proteins and lipids over time. Buildup tends to make the lenses less stable on the eye, the instability causes a less-than-ideal results. Over time lenses can, and often do, warp.

How long are the lenses good for?

Most doctors require patients to replace their retainers yearly. I find that to not be necessary in most cases. The lenses should have a deep cleaning at least once per year. Lenses should be replaced at least every third year as they will begin to warp or change shape over time. The older lenses can then be saved as a spare in case of emergency.

Is there any warranty?

No, there is no warranty. We do allow a onetime purchase of a second pair at a reduced price as your insurance policy. We recommend this as it gives you the confidence that even if you lose or break a lens, you will have a spare and don't have to go without seeing in that eye for a few days.

Can I wear them during the day?

Yes, you COULD, but we don't recommend you do this. When you lie down to sleep, the lenses center over the central portion of your eye, and provide optimal treatment. When/if you wear them during the day, or if you are sitting up and reading before bed, gravity makes the lenses sit lower in your eye. That lower position now is non-optimal for vision purposes.

Is there a Guarantee?

Yes. If you decide to stop before 30 days after starting, we will refund 50% of your money. If you stop before 60 days, then 30% will be refunded. After 60 days, no refund will be given.

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